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Terms & Conditions

  1. AGE:
    I affirm, I AM OVER 18 YEARS OF AGE. I agree to share TobaccoTrain.comô
    only with persons known to be over the age of 18 years.

    For the benefit of everyone. I shall share TobaccoTrain.comô solely
    through acceptable channels, avoiding all spamming.

    I shall allow 6 to 25 days for delivery.

  4. RESALE:
    I shall not retail or offer for resale items shipped by TobaccoTrain.comô.
    I understand, Duty Free items are for personal use.

    I agree that once TobaccoTrain.comô has delivered my order to a Duty Free
    Shop and the shop has paid for the item to ship, the sale is complete.
    No Change Orders are possible while in transit.

  6. TAX & DUTY:
    It is understood, any tax or duty is a matter, solely between my elected
    representative and myself, and that TobaccoTrain.comô or Duty Free Shops
    or it's agents can not accept or collect tax or duty from a foreign country.
    In the unlikely event, international trade agreements are rescinded or a
    contribution is requested, I understand it is my sole responsibility to
    coordinate with my representative to accept or return any order or gift.

    We have only been charged duty while hand carrying large
    quantities through customs, and it was still worth it.

    I agree, a breach of any condition herein, may be grounds for immediate
    and permanent termination of my account without notice.

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