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Privacy Policy

Non Disclosure

We understand the importance of your privacy, as is put to paper in some of America's most treasured documents.

At TobaccoTrain.comô we believe in Proactive Privacy Preservation.

TobaccoTrain.comô does not share or sell mailing lists.

Payment Information †
TobaccoTrain.comô does not view, collect or store sensitive payment information.
Payments are processed directly with the credit card processors, through a secure encrypted connection.

Local Reporting
TobaccoTrain.comô does NOT create reports of memberís purchases, period. Even if a representative from your community, were to submit an international request, and if we had kept such information, there does not exist a legal path to distribute such information. TobaccoTrain.comô shall NOT export Private or Confidential information.

Philippine Data Protection Law 'Administrative Order 8' of 2006, in short states: personal data shall not be kept longer than is necessary to complete the purpose for which it was authorized.

TobaccoTrain.comô is required to purge specific information upon completion of the order cycle. Should there be an unlikely delay in shipping, please contact us between the 25th and 30th-day and the purge will be postponed until the order is complete.

Why is data protection paramount to the Philippine Islands? As the 3rd largest English speaking country, and once, a part of the United States, the Philippines has become one of the leading suppliers of outsourcing for U.S. business. Data protection and consumer trust is critical to this important alliance.

Product Descriptions
For absolute privacy TobaccoTrain.comô product description headers may be internal item numbers, since Credit Card software routinely capture this sensitive information during payment. You may view common descriptions in our Product List.

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