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Shipping & Returns


Free EXPRESS MAIL Shipping!
To all States in the continental U.S., including Alaska! No bait & switch - No hidden costs.™ does NOT impose tax or duty on foreign countries, including the U.S.A..

Please allow 6 to 25 days for delivery.
Kindly permit adequate time to clear customs.

If not home at time of delivery,
The Postal Service will leave a note, giving the option of having the package re-delivered, or picked-up at your local Post Office. Proof of address may be requested.

Multiple parcels
Will be shipped a few days apart, to avoid any possibility of confusion through customs.

Transfer of title
Shall take place in the Republic of the Philippines. As title holder, you may take physical possession at point of transfer or allow agent to ship goods on your behalf.

In the unlikely event, the wrong item is shipped, please Contact Us immediately. We will make arrangements for a prompt exchange. We understand, to error is human, and will make every effort to quickly set things right.

A parcel bottle neck happened to me twice, no big deal but, I was shocked to find, they had tided 3 parcels together (90 packs of smokes) to create one big parcel! Looked like it happened overseas.

Second time, I found one of those internal US Post Office crates on my door step, with 4 parcels (120 packs)! That may seem like a lot, but my coworkers are always bumming packs. It's ok, I'm always getting treated to lunch! I later returned the crate.
- Bob Foster, L.A.

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